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Services / Cybersecurity

Services Include:

  • Establishing End-to-End Public Sector Cyber Programs, including laws/policies, team hierarchy with roles and responsibilities, processes, guidelines, framework selection
  • Define comprehensive Business Process and Template Design, from Inception to Continuous Monitoring Phases
  • Establish a governance framework tailored to client needs
  • Define integration points with other systems development lifecycle activities
  • Regular Cyber Hygiene Training at all Levels
  • Phishing Attack Simulation
  • Implementing continuous public/private collaboration and threat sharing, especially involving critical infrastructure providers

Electrical Grid Considerations

  • Multiple Node Access Points
  • Advanced controls, digital sensors, network architectures near generation sources.
  • Data exchange encryption
  • Limited connectivity of control systems to other networks
  • Up-to-date patching
  • Cyber physical & access controls
  • Intrusion and anomaly detections
  • Emergency response planning
  • Lifecycle Maintenance and Scalability

U.S. Experience Summary

  1. Defined the need and developed the strategic concept for FedRAMP, a centralized cloud computing cybersecurity certification program for the U.S. Government. This program was codified into law by U.S. Congress in 2023
  2. Provided input and recommendations for the U.S. Data Act
  3. Led 5 major, award-winning Enterprise Architecture programs across the government, rincluding development of security architectures, resulting in significant cost savings due to defined opportunities for consolidation of redundant systems, automation of manual processes, and IT services re-use.
  4. Authored the Practice Guide for Service Oriented Architecture and the Planning Guide and Roadmap for IPv6 Transition for the Federal CIO Council
  5. Sent by the U.S. Department of State to Serbia to speak on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Cybersecurity.
  6. Oversaw 6 Department (or Ministry)-wide Cybersecurity Programs, including work such as program optimization, implementation of new technologies, and accreditation processing of new or updated IT systems.

Experience Overview in Serbia To-Date

  1. Developed recommendations for digitalization and cybersecurity for AmCham’s White Book for the new administration, which were accepted.
  2. Defined and submitted a concept for a National Cybersecurity Program
  3. Defined and submitted a strategy for secure AI roll-out across government to improve productivity and services to citizens.
  4. Spoke to 550 leading students from Serbia, Bosnia, and Norther Macedonia on Cybersecurity
  5. Defining options for Renewable Energy Transition next steps with partner organizations.